To inquire about having an OD Promo Corporate Store complete with controlled superior products from hundreds of vendors, 100% logo control, in-depth reporting, and waived setups for exact repeat orders, Click Here!

After your contact, we'll discuss the particular needs of your store: will you have 5000 ship-to cost center locations and 5000 users, or one ship-to cost center location and 12 users? Will your shoppers need to have orders over $500 approved, or are all orders pre-approved? There are so many built-in possibilities in our store packages...we already know we can deliver a Corporate Store that will fit your needs!

Once we understand the scope of your Corporate Store's needs, and create your site structure (which can take as little as 15 minutes) it will be time to add pre-approved logos, products, and users. We make this process as easy as possible by sourcing product for you, assigning logos to specific product for you, and importing your user lists ourselves.

We take all of the pain out of the store building process! We hope you love your Corporate Store, and furthermore, that you really enjoyed the store building experience as well!

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